Golf : A Sport That Can Survive COVID-19

While we should all take the necessary precautions to keep the spread of the Coronavirus at bay, I believe the game of golf is one of the few sports that can actually thrive during a quarantine; Here is why.

Obviously golf is an individual sport played outside, so social distancing should be quite do-able.  Even playing in your normal group shouldn’t be an issue, as you could just walk or take individual carts for your round.  Everyone plays with their own equipment & golf ball, and even leaving the pin in is completely legal (thanks USGA).  All of the above greatly diminishes physical contact with surfaces that could host unwanted germs.

At the risk of going a little stir-crazy, being outdoors and getting some exercise could do a world of good.  A lot is still uncertain about how this will all play out, but we do know that open and well ventilated spaces are not conducive to a virus surviving and/or spreading.  That makes golf courses seem like a great place to get away without risking too much when it comes to your health.  In fact, the fresh air, exercise, and limited social contact could really boost overall physical and mental health!

We understand the severity of the situation we are in, and would never recommend going against how the professionals tell us to handle this pandemic.  With that being said, golf does seem like a perfect sport that could do everyone some good while we all deal with the realities of the world today.

In our Oklahoma City store we are fortunate to still be open, and here are the precautions we are taking in order to minimize risks and keep everyone safe.

  • We are limiting our customer count to no more than 5-8 customers in the store at one time, which allows us to adhere to the CDC’s number of no more than (10) people gathering in one area.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the store periodically throughout the entire day, along with wiping down & disinfecting hard surfaces such as the front counter, the bathroom, all doors, and many other key spots every other hour. This also includes disinfecting all club grips before and after “any” use.
  • Along with our cleaning, we have installed a new air purification system which is supposed to help keep the air very clean, and contaminate free. The unit we installed is rated for use in hospitals, so we hope that it will provide extra safety for our friends who come by to see us.

Obviously this event has been challenging to most Americans, and many others throughout the entire world. Our prayers are with everyone, as we move forward into somewhat of an unknown challenge.

We have been here serving you since 1986, and we hope to be serving you many years after the Coronavirus has been sent packing. Stay safe and healthy….we will all get through this together.

(Please note that this is just my opinion, and I am in no way a medical expert. Comment below and let me hear your thoughts on this topic.)

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