Titleist Custom Fit 718 Irons and 818 Hybrids

Titleist 718 T-MB Irons

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Titleist 718 MB Irons

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Titleist 718 CB Irons

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Titleist 818 H1 Hybrids

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Titleist 718 AP1 Irons

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Titleist 718 AP2 Irons

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Titleist 718 AP3 Irons

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Titleist 818 H2 Hybrids

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Superior performance is never an accident. Our unrivaled approaches to golf club design, validation, fitting and manufacturing are the keys to our continued innovation and consistent excellence. If the club in your hand says Titleist, you can be sure it is the very best it can possibly be.

Better By Design.

Our performance excellence starts with best-in-class R&D. We research and refine every product rigorously to our own unrelenting standards. Each new line must be better than the last without sacrificing a single aspect of performance. We design and validate every iron in every set individually, allowing us to deliver real performance that you can depend on.

Total Validation.

Once a Titleist iron reaches the prototype stage its work has only just begun. Our validation process cascades through every level of golfer. Tour players, fitting professionals and competitive amateurs all get their chance to confirm every club delivers on its promise.

 The Finest Custom Fit.

No matter how good any iron is you won’t get the most out of it if it doesn’t fit your swing. Our commitment to custom fitting – and industry-leading production tolerances – allow you to feel that “favorite club” confidence with every iron in your bag.

Custom Done Better.

You’re dedicated to your game and so are we. Our mission is to deliver clubs built with ultimate precision to meet the needs of your game. It all starts with the highest quality materials and our commitment to constantly push the standards of golf club manufacturing. When you open your box stamped with the Titleist Script, rest assured – you’re playing the very best custom fit Titleist Iron.


No matter what level of golf you play, the goal is always the same. Get better. Every time you tee it up the hope is that this round could be your best. Our new 718 irons and 818 hybrids embrace that challenge with next generation innovation and performance, including the all-new AP3. All designed to hit it farther, truer, more often –so you can expect more from every swing.