TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 Chrome Custom Fit Wedge


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    *Lie Angle

    Lie Angle manipulates the turf interaction with the sole of the club.  A lie that is too upright will lead to shots missed to the left and inconsistent ball striking.  A lie that is too flat will lead to shots missed to the right with inconsistent ball striking as well.  It is best to have the turf interaction in the middle of the sole for optimal results.

    *Loft Angle

    Loft Angle can help manipulate distance as well as ball flight. A stronger loft angle will promote a lower ball flight and longer distance, while a weaker loft angle with launch the ball higher and shorter than a standard set up.

  • Select Shaft & Flex

    *Shaft upcharge is shown per selected club(s). Shafts marked with (*) indicate exotic shafts and take an additional 3-4 weeks before delivery.

    Shaft Length

    Length is taken off of the grip end of the shaft and can be altered based on standard specifications. This alteration has no impact on the overall playability of the shaft.

    For most iron models, manufacturers offer lighter weight heads which can be used to keep the swingweight to a standard balance for club lengths up to +1/2″ longer. Anything longer than that and the swingweight will increase above the recommended balance. (As a rough calculation, every extra 1/2″ in length will increase the swingweight by 3 balance points).

    Shaft Stepping

    Shaft stepping is used when optimal shaft configuration is between flexes. Hard stepping moves the bend point of the shaft to a position where the club feels stiffer, launches lower, and spins less. Soft stepped shafts promote a higher ball flight, more spin, and softer feel.

    All wedges can only be soft stepped. Hard stepping is not possible.

    The SST PURE Service analyzes the structure of any golf shaft and identifies its most stable plane under load. When assembled in this SST PUREd® orientation, the result is improved consistency in both distance and accuracy from club to club.

    *SST PURE upcharge is per selected club(s). PUREing is done in our Custom Shop adds an additional 3-5 days to your order.

  • Select Grip & Size

    *Grip upcharge is shown per selected club(s).

    *Grip Wraps

    Adding additional grip wraps helps to make the grip feel and play larger. This option is used when the best fit for a grip is in between sizes. In general, four wraps of tape is the equivalent to moving to the next size larger grip. Some golfers prefer the tape method of increasing grip size because it decreases the amount of taper felt on the lower hand when gripping the club.

    *Grip Graphics

    Choose whether or not you would like the logo of your grip up (visible at address) or down (hidden at address).

  • Estimated build time is 1-2 weeks.

    This product usually ships direct from the manufacturer. Many items ship within 1-2 weeks, but longer delays may occur due to component backorders. If backorders do occur, we will contact you to discuss all available options.

    Shafts marked with a (*) indicate an exotic shaft and take an additional 3-4 weeks for delivery.

    SST PUREing is done in our Custom Shop and takes an additional 5-7 days to complete and ship out.

    Customized items could be subject to extended delays and cannot be returned. By clicking Add To Cart, you understand and accept the ship time and return policy.


Milled Grind 4 utilizes laser etched Spin Tread and a raw face to provide better bite around the greens and superior spin in wet conditions. Refined shaping creates a smooth aesthetic that inspires creativity around the greens, while improved mass distribution provides a solid feel.


Spin Tread technology utilizes laser etching to channel away moisture and help retain spin in wet conditions. The same way that tire treads help your car stay connected to the road, Spin Tread redirects water at impact and creates more friction between the club face and golf ball to impart more spin than prior generations.


MG4 features refinements in shape and visual appeal with a focus on what players perceive at address. Details from the hosel blend, offset and leading-edge straightness were all inspired by the insights and preferences of the best players and most experienced designers. Compared to the previous MG3, MG4 showcases a slightly larger footprint that provides players with a sense of roundness, smoothness and improved ease of use.


There’s a reason raw wedges are preferred by the game’s best players. The unplated material will rust over time to preserve consistent spin while also delivering better performance in wet conditions. A new refined finish with a slightly darker tint minimizes glare and blends seamlessly with the raw face for a unified appearance.

LOW BOUNCE56°35.25"64°RHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
LOW BOUNCE58°35"64°RHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
LOW BOUNCE60°35"64°RH/LHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
LOW BOUNCE V-GRIND58°35"64°RHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
LOW BOUNCE V-GRIND60°35"64°RHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
STANDARD BOUNCE46°35.75"64°RHD38620 Carbon SteelChrome
STANDARD BOUNCE48°35.75"64°RHD38620 Carbon SteelChrome
STANDARD BOUNCE50°35.5"64°RH/LHD38620 Carbon SteelChrome
STANDARD BOUNCE52°35.5"64°RH/LHD38620 Carbon SteelChrome
STANDARD BOUNCE54°11°35.25"64°RH/LHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
STANDARD BOUNCE56°12°35.25"64°RH/LHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
STANDARD BOUNCE58°11°35"64°RH/LHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
STANDARD BOUNCE60°10°35"64°RH/LHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
STANDARD BOUNCE C-GRIND58°35"64°RH/LHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
STANDARD BOUNCE C-GRIND60°35"64°RH/LHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
HIGH BOUNCE54°13°35.25"64°RHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
HIGH BOUNCE56°14°35.25"64°RHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
HIGH BOUNCE58°12°35"64°RHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
HIGH BOUNCE60°12°35"64°RHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
HIGH BOUNCE W-GRIND58°13°35"64°RH/LHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome
HIGH BOUNCE W-GRIND60°13°35"64°RH/LHD58620 Carbon SteelChrome