Evnroll ER ZERO Custom Fit Putter


    *Select Club(s)
    *Select Club(s)

    *Lie Angle

    Lie Angle manipulates the turf interaction with the sole of the club.  A lie that is too upright will lead to the toe of the putter sticking up and alignment will be just left of target.  A lie that is too flat will lead to putts missed to the right.  It is best to have the turf interaction in the middle of the sole for optimal results and alignment.

    *Loft Angle

    Loft Angle can be adjusted based on how strong or weak a golfer strikes a putt. Loft will be adjusted to optimize the proper loft of the putter face and create topspin.

  • Select Shaft

    *Shaft upcharge is shown per selected club(s). Shafts marked with (*) indicate exotic shafts and take an additional 3-4 weeks before delivery.

    *Shaft Length

    Length is taken off of the grip end of the shaft and can be altered based on standard specifications. This alteration has no impact on the overall playability of the shaft.

    In some cases adding length to the shaft will result in an extension being used. This alteration also has no impact on the overall playability of the shaft.

    The SST PURE Service analyzes the structure of any golf shaft and identifies its most stable plane under load. When assembled in this SST PUREd® orientation, the result is improved consistency in both distance and accuracy from club to club.

    *SST PURE upcharge is per selected club(s). PUREing is done in our Custom Shop adds an additional 3-5 days to your order.

  • Select Grip & Size

    *Grip upcharge is shown per selected club(s).

  • Estimated build time is 2-3 weeks.

    This product usually ships direct from the manufacturer. Many items ship within 2-3 weeks, but longer delays may occur due to component backorders. If backorders do occur, we will contact you to discuss all available options.

    Shafts marked with a (*) indicate an exotic shaft and take an additional 3-4 weeks for delivery.

    SST PUREing is done in our Custom Shop and takes an additional 5-7 days to complete and ship out.

    Customized items could be subject to extended delays and cannot be returned. By clicking Add To Cart, you understand and accept the ship time and return policy.

The new ZERO is a patent pending blend of five key putting technologies that virtually lock the putter face to the target line throughout the putting stroke.

Due to increased demand, we are experiencing lengthened build times. We are currently working to a 5-6 business days build time plus shipping for each putter.

  • CNC Milled in Carlsbad, CA
  • Head Material – Black anodized 6061 aluminum, 303 stainless steel weights
  • Loft Angle – 2 degrees
  • Lie-Angle – 70 degrees
  • Stock Grip – EVNROLL Custom Gravity Grip
  • Length – Measured from center of leading edge to top of grip
  • Shaft –  stepless shaft with .370” tip and Black ceramic finish
  • Shafting – Single bend shaft mounted into the head