Callaway Custom Fit Mack Daddy Forged Chrome Wedge


    Lie angle can be adjusted to allow the sole of the club to impact the ground squarely.  Divots that the toe digs deeper into the ground suggests the need for an upright club. Likewise, divots that the heel digs deeper suggests the need for a flatter club.

    You may use the slider to adjust how you would like your clubs customized. Slide left for a flatter configuration than standard or slide right for a more upright configuration .

    Loft angle can help manipulate distance as well as ball flight. A stronger loft angle will promote a lower ball flight and longer distance, while a weaker loft angle with launch the ball higher and shorter than a standard set up.

    Choose whether or not you would like the logo of your shaft up (visible at address) or down (hidden at address).

    Shaft stepping is used when optimal shaft configuration is between flexes. Hard stepping moves the bend point of the shaft to a position where the club feels stiffer, launches lower, and spins less. Soft stepped shafts promote a higher ball flight, more spin, and softer feel.

    Choose whether or not you would like your club shorter or longer than the factory stock setting by moving the slider to the desired length. The slider starts exactly in the middle and represents the stock standard length at that time.  Move the slider left to indicate a shorter length than standard.  Move the slider to the right to indicate a longer length than standard.

    Adding additional grip wraps helps to make the grip feel and play larger.  This option is used when the best fit for a grip is in between sizes.  In general, four wraps of tape is the equivalent to moving to the next size larger grip. Some golfers prefer the tape method of increasing grip size because it decreases the amount of taper felt on the lower hand when gripping the club.

    Choose whether or not you would like the logo of your grip up (visible at address) or down (hidden at address).