To better understand Jailbreak,  let’s start with what happens when you hit a golf ball with a Metal Wood.  We all know that the club face flexes inward creating a “trampoline effect” that propels a golf ball forward .  That compression is also transferred beyond the face, pushing out on the crown and sole of the golf club.  The energy that is dispersed into the crown and sole is completely lost in the compression and cannot be used to help move the ball forward… comes Jailbreak to help out.

What Is This Jailbreak?

Jailbreak Technology consists of two metal rods connecting the crown and sole just behind the club face.  When a golf ball is struck with Jailbreak, the face compresses like normal, but the crown and sole are now a solid structure allowing the energy to be completely directed back into the club face. This creates a faster rebound effect which equates to faster ball speeds. The key here is the face does not go beyond the legal COR limit, rather it rebounds from that limit faster and more efficiently because of the negated loss of energy.

Can You Get More Epic?

Last year Jailbreak made it’s debut in GBB Epic drivers only.  While the technology was solid, the shape of the driver head favored better players and higher swing speeds. This year Callaway introduced the Rogue Family, which has 3 very distinct driver heads that will fit every caliber of player.  In addition, the Jailbreak technology is now available in multiple fairway wood and hybrid heads as well.

Going Rogue Is So 2018

There is no doubt Jailbreak Technology works, as we consistently see faster ball speeds coming off of Callaway Rogue heads compared to basically everything else we have tested.  We also know that the driver head is only one component of maximizing your driving potential.  That is why it’s so important to properly get fit for all your clubs.  A proper fitting will give you the best chance to maximize key factors like launch angle, spin rate, and more. 


Looks: It’s hard to get excited about what you can’t see…until you hit it. No doubt this is the real deal.

Technology: Three driver heads, two fairway wood heads, and two hybrid heads are all loaded with Jailbreak goodness.  These heads prove to have some of the fastest ball speeds compared to other brands.

Final Thoughts: We honestly thought Rogue would just be OK, as Epic had already stole the show last year.  Once we tested these clubs, we were flat out proven wrong.  The improvements are huge, especially in the regular and draw versions of the driver. The fact that Jailbreak is now packed in the fairway woods and hybrids really does make Rogue our pick for the best complete line of woods for 2018!