Jailbreak Technology | Is It A Total Breakthrough Or A Bust?

(UPDATED IN 2020) To better understand Jailbreak,  let’s start with what happens when you hit a golf ball with a Metal Wood.  We all know that the club face flexes inward creating a “trampoline effect” that propels a golf ball forward .  That compression is also transferred beyond the face, pushing out on the crown […]

TaylorMade M3 & M4 Drivers | Solid Tech or Just Marketing with a Twist?

Even before their official launch, TaylorMade M3 & M4 drivers have successfully created a huge buzz in the golf retail market. The idea this year is to find more fairways instead of gaining max distance.  While this sounds like a refreshing change, can consumers really get excited about hitting it straight, or is the thought […]

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